About Me

I welcome you to join me on this long drive, ‘Sreeni on Road’.

I am Sreenivasan and friends call me Sreeni. I am based in New Delhi, India.

I see life as a journey for exploring, experimenting, experiencing, introspecting, learning, expressing and contributing. It is all about discovering oneself. It is a journey within, a journey to awaken the self, the unexplored, realizing that immense potential and capability, to contribute to the good, for self and society.  As I progress on the journey within and without, with my family and fellow travelers, I seek space to introspect and express my thoughts, ideas, views and aspirations that so emerge and I am making use of this space, to reach humbly to the world outside. Every comment or thought you leave here will be of immense value in my journey.


Love and wishes,


—————— On my Passion : TRAVEL and Explorations ————————–

I have been involved in the education space since 1995. My urge to excel, and push people to excel takes me to places far and wide within India. I travel about 200 days every year, covering the length and breadth of India – Kanyakumari to Kashmir / Ladakh, Kutch to Kohima. Yes, at times more than once.

Though most of my travel is centered around my work, I prefer traveling by road, as it gives me a great opportunity to explore and understand the place and people. And I make it a point to create opportunities to travel by road, so that my family can accompany me in these explorations. We make it a point to undertake a couple of long road trips every year, and prefer staying with local people in their habitats experiencing their work and culture. Playing in a paddy field, working with weavers, artisans, toy-makers, dancing with the natives, cooking with native implements … have made our travels very exciting.

This is true even when we travel abroad. Our on-road adventures abroad includes – length and breadth of the US, the Gulf countries, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. So much of the world to see, I know!

When it comes to India, almost every state has been touched. India is a vast incredible nation offering myriad cultures and languages, colors and shades, ridges and beaches, deserts and marshlands, valleys and peaks. While modernity is laced with tradition, cutting-edge technology co-exists with primitive and mass-supporting practices; heritage has so much logic to it that modern science fumbles to explain. More you see and experience, I discover that she has so much more to offer!

My passions include performing arts, fine arts, architecture and design, food and fashion, and sports, and I make it a point to understand the finer elements of all these in the native space wherever we travel.

As I travel, there is a compelling desire from within to capture the visual frames of perspectives that I create. So, I always have a camera or two on my shoulder to capture the beautiful moments.

I update my flickr account (My flickr collections) very regularly as a means of documenting and accessing wherever I travel. Here in, I am trying to present the spectacular world through a few photo captures from the flickr stream and write the stories around them.

I also create the visual poetry of places, people and perspectives on my Photo-Story blog – SREENIViews; and capture Inspiring talent, Mesmerizing Performances at blog – SREENIonStage (coming soon)

I am enjoying do it, hope you too will enjoy browsing.

My dream is to set out on a world trip and not to return till I completely explore every nook and corner of the world! Is it possible to cover this vast expanse in a single life? I doubt! Soon the outer world will be thrown open!

To know more about me, on my regular work and avocations, kindly visit my website – www.sreeni.org

Thanks for being here. Enjoy.

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———————————— A little bit more about my travel ———————–

I love traveling and exploring with my family; we revel!!

Other than India, Thailand is the country I loved exploring for its richness.

I backpack, whenever I travel alone.

Trekking takes me deep into wonderful unexplored lands.

Every year, I go on a couple of adventure outbound – leading a large group of youngsters.

I like picking languages as it endears people – I can converse in about dozen of them.

I enjoy diving deep into the sea and frolicking in the underwater world. My daughter, Mallika, is a water-baby!

Street-food is my favorite. But, I am a vegetarian.

Apart from my cameras – both still and video – my laptop and hard disks accompany me all over, to stuff whatever I capture.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Sreeni, very nice to see your blog. I want to experience the world through your blogs.

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